July 6, 2016

stein am rhein

it took me six years and friends from america visiting....
of course i remembered that schaffhausen as well as stein am rhein are very picturesk towns, but still i never made it to stein am rhein, not even with guests, so far.
but i took the train to schaffhausen yesterday to meet frieinds from boston, they spend two weeks in switzerland traveling all the exciting places with a two week rail pass....

and as we kept talking and enjoying the wonderful warm summer day, i went on a rhine boat with them, to travel up the river to stein am rhein. a small little city with a super pretty town center. the boat ride itself was great, as the rhein carries a lot of water for the time of year! (it rained almost all of june.....)

the fun fact is, that amos did just about this trip last week with his class.... so we had a wonderful time talking about just anything which we have seen and liked. a little coincidence and one i totally liked and enjoyed.

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