July 12, 2016

target quilt

as i have been telling you, ii'm working on the target quilt for amos.
it has been long, since i was planning and started thinking first, over two years. i even have ordered the pattern years ago and now, finally in the moment, i pulled out a few grayish fabrics...

then amos added the green and blue tones which he very much liked. nothing really fancy, just playful and not wild, bu a bit orderly and "soft spoken" i feel. that should be fine for the boy, as he quickly feels over whelmed with lots of color. it is a square big size lap quilt, what the pattern is made for. though i will add some more simply stripes at one side and it will be turned into a twin sized bed quilt.
a few more days and the top will be done. i have no plan yet for the back, but i'm sure there will be an idea and going about it this ways worked for me in the past, so i rely on it for this one too.

and then it is the last week before summer brake, the rain just started pouring down this night. it is good for nature and good for some clean fresh air, as we have not had any rain for more than a week. (very unusual for this summer or shall i say

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