July 11, 2016

violin recital

one more year of playing the violins....
we enjoyed a wonderful hour of violin recital with excellent piano accompaniment. hose recitals have been part of our school years for the past 11 years and it looks like it will go on.
thea played andantino and perpetual motion double, naomi played o. rieding: rondo op. 22 no. 3 and elias was playing h. fiocco: allegro, all three performed well, it was especially fun to watch thea, how she bathed in the attention and played as if she would play a game with the audience.

so here we are, in the last week before summer brake (i know it's late, as our american friends have been out of school at least 3 weeks already). starting the new semester, thea is switching to the cello and naomi is eagerly awaiting the official start of learning the piano. for me, it will be lots of newness to those instruments, as i have grown accustomed to three violin players in the family. elias sticks with it and i'm very glad for this, as he is a natural with his instrument.

and so it is, a big thank you to our violin teacher, karin. she is such a gifted teacher and all three love her, and with her the music they play!

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