July 5, 2016

the hike

a few weeks back we plotted a weekend get away with our friends. just grown ups. the kids were all "stowed away", or planned their own party...
though the  weekend quickly had to be cut short, as the hotel didn't have any free rooms. well never the less, this didn't keep us from planning grand. instead of a wellness weekend (ha!) we switched to a good sunday's hike. just one day, leaving home early and be back for community dinner was the perimeter.
our friends planned and we went along. pic nick packed and hiking shoes on our feet, full of energy and joy to spend a day together in the mountains.

wildhaus camplüt, a two hours hike up to rotsteinpass, altmannsattel, over and down a big snow field toward fählensee and again up to zwinglipass and alp tesel (to get an idea, something like this but not as ambitious, we left out the whole mutschen part).
it was about a six hour hike, sliding down the snow field was fun, super exciting and my hands got a good pealing.....

and all day, it was perfect, spending some moments all very quiet and still and other moments we were involved into wonderful discussions. time well spent and thank you c and s for taking us along!

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