March 9, 2010

my moms bread-bag

my parents stopped by for lunch today. of course i didn't remember my mom's "bread tuesday" it did not really click until they walked in the door that i remembered. my mom is getting up very early every tuesday to knead the bread dough. it's a well oiled little process...
as the kneading machine as well as the stone oven is at my brothers farmhouse, my sister in law prepares the "sponge" on monday evenings. this really gets the bread dough going much faster. my mom gets up before 5:30am to have the dough kneaded by 6am as it has to rest for a bit over an hour. i was surprised that 7kg of flour (it makes about 10 loafs) makes the rise within 1h! but of course the sponge does it, as well as rinsing the kneading bowl with hot and using hand warm milk-water.
the oven needs 1hour to heat up, as it is an electrical oven lined with stone (grog, or chamotte). by 8am the bread is ready, still warm and yummy!

that much about the bread, and now what really got me jumping!
i'm just really excited about the bread bag! such a gorgeous print, i love it and i'm kind of tempted to not hand this bag back to my mom...

and so the day went on, we still had some bread left for dinner, and joel got to enjoy some too.
bread, butter, smoked bacon, a few kinds of cheese, a candle lit and good companionship.

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