March 2, 2010

sunday session

this has been our sunday afternoon!
session at the sternen in rueti. something we really miss being away from all our musical friends from JP. it has probably been the hardest part of moving across the ocean!
music is such a big part of our family. something we do together and with friends in our house or at any other place. we have not been able to find other families who would join us in this undertaking so far, the more we really miss the treasured rocky nook people! yes we really really miss you guys!!!

so yes we hopped on the train on sunday and joined a group of musicians to jam together.
in reality, it's joel playing and the rest of the family enjoying the reels and jigs, eating some good food and just have fun.

it is good to have refreshed our memories of jamming and eating...
though it's not the same, we left all our friends behind and try to make it, it's hard.

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