March 16, 2010

the new pj...

i'm so happy having found this pj. it was at migros when i was just quickly browsing through the kids cloth section, looking for a pj for elias. there were not that many left in his size but this one caught my eye. i don't particularly like the print but i like the additional tag which tells me about project of migros-kids-school in india. i'm so happy knowing that the kids in that region have the possibility of an education and don't have to work in the garment industry. of course that's just a drop into a bucket, but it is something which i can decide to support. i'm able to choose what kind of garments i buy and with that i'm letting the industry know what they do or not do is being watched. is one of those organisations who is on the front of changing one place after an other, for the better of society

the school which was built in tirupur is serving 582 kids, it is a day school. at the school are also bathroom facilities and washrooms as well as a medical service. the school runs a school bus which collects the kids of the surrounding villages.

this is a start, i'm still hesitant to buy garments made in the far east... though there are a few labels i know of which do not allow child labor. like switcher, they are part of "fair ware, production" and "", and have a transparent company philosphy.

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