March 30, 2010

some yellow

i love those little flowers, just hovering on the ground, but brightly telling everyone "it's spring"!!!

and then of course we can't stay indoors, thea loves to be outside. so we did some more weeding in the veggie patch to be. the three beets have not been used for the past few years, at least not in a respectable way. lot's of dandelions, slender speedwell, and the never stopping ground elder... this one calls for a constant eye and digging up of rhizomes... we will get rid of it!
the beet in the back ground is already set up, the red onions are in and two rows of spring greens (schnittsalat). the lettuce should be ready to start cutting in about 4 weeks! o i'm so looking forward!


Cindy said...

Hey Daniela! I think I may have the same flowers in my front yard! I built a raised bed to plant vegetables this year...there's not too much sun so I planted mostly lettuces and herbs. We've had a deluge of rain in the past weeks, but I tried to keep the seeds covered, so hopefully they did not get all mixed up!

Anonymous said...

I need to get seeds in too. I was waiting until Good Friday... With Zed, the timing is very important. I'll do it this week! I feel so far behind!