August 12, 2008

georges island

it was a lot of fun, on the island. not that we had id all planned....
the plan was to go to the new fountains at rose kennedy greenway in the city, just to have some pleasure playing with the water there. but as we arrived there was now water! what ever the city was thinking or not doing, it was moment of helplessness. so we decided on the spot to hop onto the ferry for the islands in the boston harbor.
we got some sandwiches from the boulangerie at sel de la terra, tickets for the ferry and off we went.
the sun and wind was wonderful all of us enjoyed the boat ride over to georges island. the sandwiches turned out to be delicous and we were able to enjoy them just before the rain clouds opened their gates.
for a moment we had to seek shelter, but then went on to explore the fort. a wonderful place for a sunday afternoon. some places are rather spookey, as the halls are all empty and dark. it's just great to explore all the different hallways, stairways and tunnels.
for myself, i enjoyed the view the most, the vast sea with thunder and lightening over the city, big storm clouds around us. we were able to hop onto the ferry back to boston just before the rain hit once more.

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