August 26, 2008

yesterday's trip

we did take the ferry over to salem. it was fun, a 50 minute ride on the catamaran and then get off in one of america's oldest harbors. just across the street was the candy store we came for... "Ye old pepper co." every child had their pocket money on hand and of course some of us had a hard time figureing out which candies or chocolates we wanted to buy...., never the less all of us stubled out of the little store with a wonderful goodie bag and just around the corner was a little park where we ate some of our newly aquiered treasures!

everyone was enojoying their sweets and drinking water at the little fountain.... of course sugar makes you thirste, even long ago they new this and installed that little drinking fountain down the street from the candy store.

the next stop was the pirate museum.... and then the ice creme shop, after that we all played at a dried out water place, and had fun playing in it, freeze tag was yesterday's game.
the ride home was on the commuter rail, one more thing i have never done since we arrived in the united states 11 years ago, riding a train! yes we did it and it was fun.

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