August 4, 2008

naomi's quilt is done

it was so much fun quilting with the machine. doing all the swirls, or snails as the kids call them. the challenge was tho keep the stitch somewhat even in it's length. it was so quick, i was done a lot faster then i expected.

this is how the different squares look, uneven swirls which really give it a nice textured look.

the back is fun too. the fabric really plays well with the swirls and the stripes of different fabric are being softened with the quilting now done.
the satin binding is fabulous. naomi loves it's texture and that's what's count, at least for her. i like the colour and it's shininess...
i'm glad i had some of it left after the last quilt i did and it was enough, about one foot was left of the ready made stripes...
it's all done now and naomi has already used it last night, she loves it and i'm very happy too.

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