August 19, 2008

orthodontics 101

our oldest is now all geared up....
our third visit to the orthodontist is over, all the excitement to get braces is passed. we are now learning to put handle all the "gear".
we have learned terms like "lip bumpers", "bite plate", "redirecting eruption", crowded teeth etc.
the bite plate looks fabulous, green-white swirled with golden sprinkles! wow i guess there must be some long lasting interest for this, to keep the user going...
elias is excited about his bite plate, but the lip bumpers will take a bit more time and practice to get in and out of his mouth, we will work on it and hope for some shifting of teeth in his mouth and a moving forward of his lower jaw... as he shows a classic overbite, as we learned is very common in the germanic geene pool.


Laura said...

I wore a lip bumper and headgear for a few years as a kid. I know its awkward and takes some getting used to, but they do indeed do wonders in the long run.

*hugs to ya'll*

Ellen said...

Good luck. I wore braces for 2 years after having my jaws wired shut TWICE. First time---bad doctor; second time good surgeon.

I have a blog too with hints on how to survive, with recipes, yet.
Take a look.