August 7, 2008

violin workshop

this week is shaped by the violin workshop we participate in. elias leaves the house by 7:30am, which is super early for our days, usually that's the time we start turning in our beds to get up some half hour later. naomi, amos and i are then having breakfast some time after eight, we are able to take it slower as we don't have to hop on our bikes before 10am.
we bike over to the park, as our violin workshop is held at an outdoor location. it's a lot of fun running around the woods and play surrounded by green trees and shrubs.
of course snack is the time the three of us don't want to miss so we show up for that and then start with masterclass for elias and naomi together with their friends. amos participates in the musicianship class he takes a little accordeon along, as he can't bring his piano, that works well. it's a lot of fun to experience how music is learned in such a green and natural enviornment. very playful and so naturally occuring for the children, just the way we really whished to be growing up. thank you to all the teachers who make it possible, to give ouf kids this fantastic opportunity.
once more living in the city doesn't mean we can't bike, we can! and we also enjoy the green spaces available, it seems like we live in a big park...

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