December 30, 2009

family christmas

lots of gaming going on, how wonderful to have lots of uncles who love to play games and who love to play those games with kids...

of course some wonderful dinner times around one, oh now three tables. the family has been growing a lot over the past few years but we still fit in one living room. it's soooo good to be with family for holidays. we do really treasure this year, as we have not been with family for the past 12 years!

of course you noticed the chamber pots...
it is my mother in laws passion to collect them. she has lots more and some are very very beautiful.
and yes it is true, almost every where people use real candle's on their christmas trees. it is very pretty and i'm glad we are now able to do this again. there is a big reason why this is possible. people here get their christmas trees just a few days before christmas and the trees are decorated on christmas day. this means that the trees are still very fresh when the candles are lit.
the christmas trees then stay in the living rooms until epiphany (january 6th). a wonderful tradition to enjoy the light and fresh smell of the tree during the holly days.

the next few days will be spent with my parents, there will be photos coming starting next week.
so far, enjoy the rest of this year!

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