December 30, 2009

things i want to do in 2010

in the days in between my thoughts were pondering what i was able to do and make in the soon ending year. i made a list and realize now, that i did follow through with most of my things to do in 2009 ... and now on to my list for the next year.
soon enough there will be some photos again of our days at my parents. i'm not able to pull them together right now, but they will come...

here my new list
1. keep on speaking english in our family
2. start and finish one project each month (pants for thea, quilt for a, socks for amos)
3. get a sewing machine and keep on quilting
4. go for some real sledding adventure in the mountains (february)
5. go for hikes in the woods regularly
6. take the kids to see some shows at the marionette puppet place
7. becoming a better listener and more patient mom to my kids
8. sitting down and drink a cup of tea, before i get going in the afternoons
9. try one dozen new dinner recipes (more with less $)
10. keep on taking photos and get used to the flash
11. harvest the fruit of our trees and preserve what we don't eat (assumably 1000kg)
12. make lots of jam this summer
13. teach amos to knit and crochet
14. go to maier's for a session with joel
15. keep on doing the monthly cmp atc's

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Alicia said...

You are inspiring me, Daniella, as usual! Let's see if I can come up with my list for '10:
1. plan morning homeschool sessions with Alexa in advance-more lesson planning
2. Yoga twice a week
3. strength training while Alexa does math
4. professionally- make a plan to start a group
5. start each day with mindful, grounding breathing
6. Go to a meditation center in Boston
7. Send more pictures of Alexa to my mom
8. Visit the Roth Naters in Switzerland! (no surprise, right?)