January 3, 2009

things to do in 2009

in past years i stayed deliberately away from new years resolution...
i had some good moments to contemplate and write down a few dreams and wanting to do in the course of 2009.
1. learn to do needle felting
2. take photos regularly
3. learn to edit photos with gimp
4. take a moment each day to just sit and drink a cup of tea
5. welcome each child every morning with a positive word
6. now and then take the time with each child alone
7. knit or sew one thing each month (socks for naomi, mittens for elias, hair band for naomi, skirt for naomi, maybe an other crazy quilt?)
8. planning the trip across the usa and then do it, from august until november
9. a weekend camping on one of the islands
10. start running regularly again
11. go with joel to a session at brendan behan
12. going to ten tables, for a wine tasting evening, with joel
13. walk the freedom trail in boston, with the kids
14. walking the black heritage trail in boston
15. enjoying boston's green spaces as much as we can....

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nela said...

ok here we are at the end of 2009. lets see what i was able to do...
1. i did some needle felting, not a lot, but i feel good about what i did
2. i have taken lots and lots of photos
3. gimp is familiar to me now
4. i was not sitting down regularly for a cup of tea
5. we have established a good morning routine
6. some good times have been had with each child
7. i have been sewing, knitting and crafting each month, and then also did lot's of fun baking and cooking
8. 3 months on the road were very successful, what a good time we had
9. we did not camp on the islands
10. i did not start running
11. i went to brendan behan for some sessions
12. joel and i went to a couple more wine tasting dinners at 10 tables
13. we walked the freedom trail and took a tour of the state house
14. did not walk the black heritage trail
15. we did enjoy boston a lot until august!