January 22, 2009


it ended up to become an orange day, unplanned but very clearly as i filed through the days photos!

after lunch elias enjoyed a moment with thea. he really wanted to finish reading "what's the big idea ben franklin" as it has been an assignement for the past two days.... amos finished it yesterday and we wanted to discuss the book today.
he also likes the rocking chair and holding thea is one more treat. i was happy about it, then this made it possible for me to quickly clean up around the kitchen.

the goal of the day was, to use up one of the three butternut squash.
i didn't want to make soup with it and i'm aware that the kids are not very fond of the sweet vegetable... this made me surf the internet for some kind of recipe with the main ingredient being butternut squash. i found a galette recipe at epicurious and tried it. it worked, the kids liked it a lot. i did not have any leeks in the house but substituted the greens with dinosaur kale out of the freezer (from the csa box in october). i especially liked the sage in the pastry.

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