January 14, 2009

one more birthday gift

how wonderful it must be!
yes naomi is feeling very very lucky, she got one more package from the ups guy yesterday! and what a package, it came from a grandma-friend of ours. she could not have given naomi anything more special then those twin dolls. upon arrival they were named, claudia and stephan. (yes you two will get a cick out of this, i'm sure!) it was great to see her so involved with her new babies, dressing, undressing, flying above her head into the living room, going to school, playing jump on the stairs, etc.
there is one more aspect to this, our grandma-friend also got a double stroller for her....
this is a bit over the top for me, but naomi feels even closer to dreamland.
i guess i just have to make due and put her to work with it. we will soon go shopping with her pushing the stroller and all the groceries in the bottom netting... yes that's a good outlook even for me.

yes it's done! elias insisted on finishing the cap last night, as he wanted to wear it to go in bed!
it's been a great step for him to start and finish this knitting project within a few days. and i have to say, it is rewarding to finish such projects quickly with some intense moments of graditude following the hard work.
he is already planning to knit a cap for a friend....

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