January 8, 2009

tape game

elias could not resist the rainy-snowy-weather, he had to go outside and make the best of it! build a cool snow fort. his friend came over and together they spent a good time in the super wet weather. i have to say i'm glad he enjoys that so much, it's a treat for him to go outside at any time. and he is creative with what ever he meets out there.

meanwhile amos and naomi came up with a roll of masking tape and ideas i never thought of.
first naomi taped "a person" on the floor, then it became "a robot" and ended up to be "a sculpter". during any given time of the project it was also "a game" follow the leader, chase, and any given numbers of hop scotch variaties.
a great game to play dressed already in jammies and bare foot, as our kitchen floor is heated!

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