January 28, 2009

standing on "dreadlocks"...

from a friends mother's mother we got six skeins of very old wool....
i didn't know what to do with it, but elias knew! he was then totally into finger knitting and so he worked his way through all six skeins. we ended up with a big canvas bag full of a very loose rope of sort's (i totally missed taking some photos, but i hope you can imagine). what were we going to do with this loose rope of sorts?
then the idea jumped into our heads to try felting this "rope" of sorts and see how it would come out. after three wash cycles it looked like the above product. tighter and a felt warm feel and kind of "dreadlocks" look to it. right then and there elias decided that he wanted to get dreadlocks. he is a bit up set that it would take time to let me grow and even more so with his straight hair, it would take a lot of work.
never the less we were all excited about this big ball of woolen dreadlocks and decided that knitting those dreadlocks up into a bath mat or something would be perfect.
that's it, the little bath mat is now being used and all are falling in love to stand on it. i have to say it is a great feeling to stand on "dreadlocks"!
(elias took the photo of his feet on his own)

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