January 10, 2009

yesterday night

we enjoyed a really nice cheese fondue! wow it was so good with a yummy loaf of country white from the neighborhood bakery. all five of us were very happy and it was fun too. joking like asterix and obelix, when they were having fondue on their adventures to switzerland.
soon enough we will undertake that adventure too, within a year, we will be living there. over there in the heart of europe, i don't really know what i should think about it. it's exciting though, a new adventure taking place in our lifes!

this was elias creation for a friends birthday gift. a mix of hot coco, which he put together in a jar. he often comes up with these very creative ideas. the three candy canes where the regular friday candy...

in regards to why they are called friday candy:
our neighbor is a candy distributor in the area and has his rules about giving them away to the neighborhood kids. just on fridays the kids can stop by at any time during their working hours and ask for candy. they will get some, what ever they have around, lately it has been lots of candy canes. there were some more creative ones as well, blue "gummy" snakes, candy watches, m & m's in all kinds of colours, and lots more. then they also have to say thank you...
the boys are not thinking of it every week, but naomi is very eager, already on monday she is questioning me about how many days there will be until friday, or even better "is today friday" ?

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