January 13, 2009


elias is knitting again! i'm excited that he caught up with it once more. wanting to knit a hat, we picked out some wool and figured that he would enjoy a round needle for a new challenge. he wanted to take it along for his ski trip, and came back with about 1inch knit on the bus ride. he got all into it, could almost not stop yesterday evening and picked it up first thing this morning.
we also got to change wool and purling.... the newest addition is now reducing stitches, a lot for three days. but as long as he is instisting on doing so and wanting to learn all the new things i love to teach him.
i will be posting the finished product soon, as he will finish sooner then i excpected and all the other things are put aside. it is such a great moment, to be mom to a knitter!
by the way, i started on a pair of socks for myself...

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