January 16, 2009

cookies and therapy

it was a cold afternoon yesterday, very inviting to do some baking... and that we did. we came up with those black and white cookies and had a lot of fun making patterns.
it was a quick baking and then a fun afternoon snack! together with a cup of tea, sitting down and enjoying the work of our hands.

joel took thea to the orthopedist, as she has a mild case of hip dysplasia. thea seemed to enjoy the outing with dad, an early morning on the bus to children's hospital. i was so glad not having had to go out into the cold, all bundled up, thea in the moby under the winter coat.
it's very cold around here, and how glad we are for the furnace doing it's work in the basement, having the radiators all warm and a favorite place to rest on...
so here we go, the hip dysplasia is mild and should outgrow with some physical therapy moves, like the one shown in the photo.... february 20st is the next check up. lets get those muscles stretched and strengthened!

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