January 12, 2009

5th birthday

we celebrated naomi's 5th birthday yesterday! yeah, what a great event for our big sister! over the past few days, she was telling everyone that it will be her birthday on sunday. and here we are, it's sunday morning, a big brunch for the girl and she was enjoying the candles lit especialy for her. all snowed in we had a very quiet day made some music and did some phone calling to grandma and other special people. after dinner we had the community over for cake. i made a cake with lots of dried fruit, apricots, figs, prunes and pecans. a real winter cake, there were some mini peanutbutter cups on the top, just for our little chocolate lover...
she was happy and her eyes were glowing when she discovered the art box i put together for her. right away there had to be some art making, creating, stamping, cutting and glueing. i love her creativity, her urge to make things. the first thank you card was created and written right there on the spot, isn't that great!

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