January 15, 2009

dinner with amos

amos reached his end of year goal with the piano.....
i promised him to have dinner at a local cafe, and so we did last night. just he and i at ula cafe. it was a quick walk over there and we both enjoyed to be outside in the brisk night. we were discussing what we would order, i was going to get a good bowl of soup and he was circling around what kind of sandwich he wanted, and if dessert would also be part of the deal.
they were out of soup, but amos didn't mind, as he was soon set on the black forest ham sandwich. it took me a bit longer, i was disapointed, but decided to get the roast beef.
a freshly squeezed orange juice for amos, water for me.
we both enjoyed the meal, there were not a lot of people in the cafe, some good music playing and we just quietly sat and munched. amos went by himself to get the "real vanilla bean" cup cake, he came back to the table so happy. i loved watching him, i think that was the high of the day!

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