December 1, 2009

first snow

we got snow!!!
it's fairy tail land out there, all covered with a white blanket. and the lights of the city shining through the snow covered tree branches. the first thing elias did, was thinking about his business plan to earn money shoveling snow... (the issue here is, the responsibility of clearing the side walk is the city's job. this means, that the specialized snow plow drives by very early in the morning and clears the side walks.)

and of course our advents calendar is filled with little gifts. there are specialty chocolates, tirggel, special markers and a fountain pen, a bike bell, and some other special surprises for all members of our family.
the first pocket belongs to amos...
there is also a story going to be part of our advents celebration, "lukas und der helle stern".
and tonight we lit a candle and heard the first part of lukas adventures. amos was very happy about his advent gift. he got a special fountain pen for lefties! his first day at school was a success, he has already made two friends!
elias is also excited to start his first day of school tomorrow...

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