March 3, 2010

an arm full and a skirt

we quickly stopped by a carpet and curtain shop across the street from our house. the main reason was, to ask them, if they would be able to turn off, their huge brightly glowing neon sign, after 11pm.
my neighbors told me, that in the past the sign usually was turned off at late night. and i really would so much appreciate if this would still be the case. the front desk lady was very polite and explained that it's supposed to turn off at 11pm, so she is going to take a look into this issue. wonderful, there is hope, i will keep you posted. this would be less light pollution, energy saving, and our bedrooms would not be lit up either, yeah!!!
i also asked, if they have a box or shelf with fabric bolt ends from their curtain business. and they did, although usually they don't sell them. naomi and i were guided into a little back room and rummaged through two big boxes.

we walked away with her new skirt...

and an arm full of nice heavy weight fabric. overall we payed SFr. 15.- we both felt like we hit the jackpot.
i'm already thinking of balloon skirt and pillow covers.

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