March 8, 2010

weekend in the mountains

no i didn't take the camera along to our sledding adventure... i'm a bit sad about it, as we definitely had some memorable experiences. sledding in a snow blizzard is not an every day thing, at least not for me and my family.
never the less, we will remember saturdays cold and snowy wind, snow all over, not able to see anything or really sled for the first 15 minutes of the down hill ride. yes we had to pull the sleds through snow drifts. amos was crying as he didn't like the sharp wind and snow in his face, thea all bundled up with just her little hat showing from under the blankets, in her seat on the sled...
but it got better and we really enjoyed the better part of the 12km ride. it was fun and by the end sunny and wonderful blue sky with snow white trees and a stunning view of some great peaks of the praettigau, up on the fiderieser heuberge.

then on sunday, the wonderful sunshine and blue sky! thank you p and g for being such wonderful hosts!

i was stunned by the trees lined up on the mountains edge, the morning sun shine letting appear them extraordinarily sharp

our splendid host's home, in the middle of the historic town igis.

it was a brisk morning, and thea enjoyed it on my back!

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