March 11, 2010

recycling in the neighborhood...

this is the recycling station in our neighborhood. it's next to the entrance to the shopping center. for everyone a very convenient spot, as one goes shopping for groceries, one takes along all the recyclable stuff in the reusable shopping bag...

once more a surprise, arriving in switzerland after having spent 12 years abroad. everything seems neat and clean. even logic as i approach the recycling center.

although i have to say this battery recycling tube was hard to spot. it's a bit too camouflaged, though the kids spotted it and were so happy to tell me of it.

there is more to be recycled, like PET and other plastics, but that's inside the shopping center, right at the entrance to the grocery store. one more thing, everyone is bringing their own reusable bags and little carts as well as bike trailers to carry the "loot" home. even i have a little old shopping cart, it's falling apart but will do for now. the grocery store is not giving out bags. one can buy either paper bag for sfr .30 or a bigger recycled-reusable plastic bag for sfr 2.00.
i have been contemplating about a collection of shopping cart photos... well we will see if it materializes.

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