March 1, 2010

chicken coop plans

it has been for a long time, a very long time, that elias is thinking of keeping chickens. i'm almost not able to think of a time he hasn't been thinking about it!
so there we are, it's getting real around here. we do have the space behind the house to keep a hand full of feathered friends and joel sat down on saturday and started drawing.

after a few hours of cad drawing...

i just love those "cylinder" chickens!

of course there were many conversations already held, and plans being drawn by elias. many hours of visiting my brothers farm who is also keeping chickens (~20 or so), so elias seems to have a clear business plan...
building a coop with papa, renting the coop from mama and papa (as they pay for building materials). buying food and 4-5 chickens (one chicken costs SFr. 25) he has the money for two hens and is planning on two more for birthday presents...
we will see how his plans will turn out in reality, i will keep you posted.
as for now, joel and elias are now writing a list with building materials, and within the next four weeks the coop should be built! o i'm so happy and have high hopes for buying eggs from my son!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. This year we are not doing the farm coop so will not have fresh eggs. I tried some CoOp eggs from Whole Foods. The yellows were not very dark so I could tell they weren't truly free range. At least it didn't seem so to me. I wish, oh I wish we could get chickens too. Keep us updated so we an live vicariously through you guys.