March 18, 2010

young at art

more and more now, thea is eager to bring lines and dots on a piece of paper...
it is so wonderful to observe how those little chubby hands get a hold of a pencil and then of course everything is good to draw on, walls, our kitchen tile floor has seen sharpie (yes i was not paying attention to her, as i wanted to read an article in the news paper...) and then of course roll pens are super for making lines on once body... as are felt markers for that matter.
i'm very much into letting her discover colours, lines, marks, shapes, even the taste of paint is ok, within limits. but today she sat down on the little desk and i taped an index card on the surface for her to be able to really go with the pencil. here we are, i love it! her enthusiasm lasts maybe for 3 minutes, and that's just great.
i will be reading once more young at art, by susan striker a very helpful book. i learned to step back and just let the little artist do her work, it's ok for her to not do it my way. it's great to go beyond my ideas and expectations. as she is exploring...

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