April 28, 2010

the boy on his wheel

we spent the last few days in the country side.
of course switzerland is almost only pastures, but that's just as it looks from the "outer switzerland"....
the time at my parents has been relaxing and just good. lot's of reading on my end and just being too.

joel got those two shots of "the boy on his wheel", yes he really gets better and faster and stronger on the unicycle, it's fun to watch this happening. here the birthday gift, and here two month later, now almost two years later, a new wheel, it's bigger and lighter and of course better!!!

and this one was just very special, seeing him crossing the meadow. he had to walk the grass was just a bit to high and it was up hill. this is after he visited the cows, and then had to wheel away a bit quicker as expected, as the bull got nervous...

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The Homesteading Apartment said...

So lovely!! I know the visit was wonderful...Switzerland...I'm jealous (: