April 15, 2010

good company

my parents visited today. originally they were coming to see naomi's play "peter and the wolf" at kindergarten. but then they got stuck.... which i have to say was great.
i did lots of laundry , went with my pa to have a look at the apple trees which we will be harvesting from in the fall (some kind old lady asked us if we would be interested in the them, as she is not able to). they look great and a cherry tree is part of the "pack", yeah!

now back to our day, after the play we decided that there is lot's to do around the house... of course i knew but didn't expect them to do it... but so they did.
cutting our shrubs back as well as the apple tree. racking the old brown leafs from last fall, the chestnut tree has just tons of leafs seamed at least to me. and one more cool thing, we started a pile of cut branches, old leafs etc. the goal: to attract helpful insects, birds, ants and just what crawls around and then of course it would be wonderful to find some hedgehogs next fall... we are working toward a "naturgarten".
o well, mid afternoon, after the work was done we all sat down with some pastries orange juice and coffee!

danke ma und pa fuer euren besuch. wir haben uns gefreut euch bei uns zu haben und natuerlich ein ganz dickes dankeschoen fuer eure arbeit!

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Anonymous said...

Since I don't read German, I found nature garden in English over at this bloghttp://lovingnaturesgarden.com/
I have pulled out some branches I cut two springs ago and we're building a teepee for our beans. Hopefully I'll get the soil ready for fruit trees before too long.
Can I still send you the g diaper things? they are sitting here beside me ready to go. I can't believe it has been so long since you asked for them. Do you still need this?