April 22, 2010

falafel for dinner

for the past months there was a bag of chick peas smiling at me out from the cupboards...
and yesterday was the day, they smiled to much and i got a hold of them, soaked them for 24hours and cooked them. the purpose was set, we will have falafel for dinner!
it was the first time, i made falafel from scratch. in the past i used mixes, and had to just ad water and oil...
this time i had to put them in the blender and add the onions, parsley, oil, salt, spices and flour myself. it went well and looked good...
(i have to say though, they were not fancy at all and i'm not a lebanese cook...)

next step frying in olive oil. not too much oil, but a non stick frying pan did the trick.

and they were yummy, served with a spicy tomato sauce. we will do this again and i hope soon!

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