April 8, 2010

hanging laundry

o how i have been waiting for this day!
winter has been long but now it's springtime. the sun is getting warmer each day and i'm finally able to hang the laundry again outside. it's so liberating to be able to hang the fresh washed diapers and anything else out into the sun. a chore i don't mind at all.
during the cold and wet months i have to do the hanging in the basement, letting a dehumidifier do the work... it's an ok solution, but how much more i love to wear my cloths being all fresh and scented by sun rays and a fresh breeze.
in the past years i had to hang on one long line, now we have a so called "stewi", this is a very practical thing. it's very quickly put up and it turns, this way i can stand at one place and hang everything without moving one step to the left or right...

and then here the chestnut tree, the buts burst and the leafs are unfolding beautifully.

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

I have a clothes drying rack that spins like your stewi. I love it that I can simply stand in place and spin it to both load and unload. I like my rack because I can air dry year round saving me money.