April 6, 2010

easter 2

easter lunch, thank you ma for cooking

searching for easter bunnies, and other treats

lots of board games have been played

and of course those little chubby thea hands loved to grab all the different sweets

and then of course eating our easter eggs, after doing some good "eier tuetsche"
the game is being played as followed, two players take each a hard boiled egg in their hand. both have to make sure their eggs are either at the "tip" or then at the "bottom" one player whacks the other players egg, with the intention to brake the others eggshell. the one who's eggshell is staining whole, is the winner of the round. then you turn to the winner of an other game around the table. who ever has the unbroken egg at the end is the winner. and of course at the end everyone eats their egg, that's the yummiest part of the game.

the long easter weekend... (in switzerland it's an official holliday weekend), starting on maundy thursday afternoon and going on through easter monday! o we really enjoyed every moment of it. especially the wonderful music on easter morning at the church. and then of course some sunshine on our walks.
having a few extra days off was great to catch up on projects and also slow down and be still moments. staying at my parents is definitely a help in slowing down. the "zuber" (a wooden jacuzzi) is great, for the adults to enjoy a slow evening and the kids to splash in the warm water outdoors...

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