August 16, 2012

out for breakfast

the cafe around the corner has  been a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. we have been a hand full of times guest's at the cafe melange, a super child friendly place and 2 minutes from our door. as we were just three for breakfast today, we decided to go out!
yes, go out for breakfast is not a usual, though it turned out to be fun and wonderfully simple, especially for me.
having a raspberry muffin and a coffee latte for breakfast is definitely a mid morning kind of thing to do, as i  do appreciate at least one big mug of tea in the earlier hours of the day. that has happened at home, when the kids were still sleeping...
i love summer, home with the kids, lounging and enjoying the moments of quietness as well as having time and space in our days for what ever crosses our minds, today it was an easy one for me!

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