August 7, 2012

in my kitchen :: loads of summer crops

there is so much summer in my kitchen. lots of zucchini and what ever the summer harvest brings in. i love summer mixed salads, lots of leafs, cucumber carrot and then of course the "kapuziner kresse" a kind of nasturtium is especially beautiful to look at, but also yummy to eat. i have a few plants in the front of the house, this makes it easy to quickly get some "salad decoration".

with all the eggplant, the last "gmues box" (veggie share) had a big chines kind in it, and as the weather has been really nice we have been grilling in the garden. marinated and grilled eggplant as well as bell peppers and zucchini have been a staple. there have been sausages and good pieces of meat on the grill too and some creative pasta salads. getting rid of left overs this way has been very successful.

the ratatouille has not been a favorite with the younger crowd at our table, never the less we just took the left overs along to visit our friends. and yes they loved my left overs, good for them and even better for me.

and then it was sunday early afternoon, no one was really very hungry, so i decided not to cook. instead i got all the stone fruit together i had in the house. there were nectarines, apricots and frozen prunes from last summers harvest. it should not be a crumble (though all of us love it, i wanted to try something new). once more i got the book out "rustic fruit desserts", a favorite of mine and yes of every one around my table. it was to be the stone fruit slump, very  much like this one, wonderful, easy and a big hit. i savored it with a latte, o so yummy.

i will be gone, seeing my sister and her family for a couple days, though there will be {this moment} on friday...

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