August 27, 2012

the girls and joel and all of us

went to a big family gathering for a couple days. it was logistically not possible for all of us to go and enjoy the mountains, the o so large family of the clan. but never the less joel and the girls enjoyed it a lot. hiking and liking the running and chasing of the ball and i'm sure that fountain was not just run by....
naomi was so happily telling me of her cousins and more distant relatives, some of them we rarely know and see. i'm glad we are part of a large network of lovely people and next time, i so much hope we will be able to all go together.

as i was at home and spending some lone time and some one on one time with each of the boys (as they had different activities and school to "run after") i was pondering and thinking of how it will be, soon enough, when the house is getting empty again. i know it is still far away, though it is tauntingly soon, as elias is already 13 and not coming home for lunch anymore through the week... even naomi and amos, both are gone once a week over lunchtimes, the rhythm is changing and this is ok, this is new and for me a process to get used to. i will embrace meal times, who ever many people sit around the table and share a meal together. best times are when sitting and eating and laughing together.

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