August 6, 2012

being sporty

we enjoyed a wonderful community bbq in our garden and then of course we had to put our bodies to work... almost everyone joyined the fun bare foot soccer game. it was wonderful to also have a few youth from the neighborhood playing along. in those moments i'm getting excited. not just to be community with the people who choose to live in our house and the neighboring "laebesbaum" but also to include the people living on the block into actively doing things together. it just so much builds trust and creates joy in our way of life.

then today, as we originally wanted to go an a trip with the train, maybe to the zoo or what ever the boys would have wanted to do, there was rain in the forecast for most of the day. first of all we all didn't get up as early as we wanted, it was to cozy in our beds and the books kept us in bed til mid morning...
over breakfast we decided to go bouldering at the block, in town. it was wonderful, lots of fun fur all of us, as well as some inspirational people moving up the walls. more sport is going to be watched... of course we can't totally stay away from watching some of the olympics going on in london.

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