August 20, 2012

the weekend is over

yes, indeed the lovely summer vacation days are a thing of the past. back to school this morning...
i'm not yet able to let go of the lush weekend, the fun we had with my sister in law and her family, o how wonderfully sweet is their littlest girl, just 4 weeks old. absolutely able to relax and sleep under the big tree, in the middle of the action in our back yard.
amos has come back from music camp on saturday and yesterday was a big concert in the city, a matinee at the "musikfestwoche winterthur". (the program is still going on for one more week...) we were all impressed by the exciting show they put on stage. so much enthusiasm and work was put into it. so much fun and excitement was sparkling. of course we don't get to hear 50 drums, jembes and percussion instruments at one. such a group of enthusiastic musicians it really warmed my heart.

and of course it was hot and the pool was used all afternoon, in and out and "blindekuh" and o just loving such a weekend full of summer.

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