August 28, 2012

granny's blocked and played with

i could not stop myself after blocking the squares....
of course i had to play a round of puzzling with all those big and small squares. and quickly realized, that i wanted some more really small squares. those ten little rectangle and squares in the bottom pic are very small and will fit into so many a gap, i'm sure. though now i'm even more curious of how we are going to join them all. i'm sure blair has figured out the best technique for this summer project, though i have to wait until friday. i will wait and will train myself to be patient, yes i will.
i'm sure there will be much more playing around for finding the right spot for each of the squares. thea is already clameing the blanket to be hers... i'm not sure yet, if i'm able to give this one away just like this.


Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! The little girl in me wants to just sit and play with all the pieces.


Gwénaelle said...

Love the colors !!!!!!