October 24, 2012

the RN's


i really don't want to comment each of our portraits. it was wonderful fun and the portraits i chose to put up here are the once which intrigued me in a fun and exciting way. there are many more and some wonderful photos which were taken on our sitting. joel did most of the picture taking, thank you my dear photographer you have such a relaxed and exact way to put us in the frame you want.
i am a less exact person and often am not able to communicate with my "models" in such an exceptional way as joel is able to. never the less it is fun to work and watch the family in those moments of very intense focus and at the same time there is a lot of joking and word gaming going on...
our yearly shot is done! yeah!

the past year here

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Natasha Burt said...

I love these photos of this wonderful family!