October 31, 2012

the season on the mantle

i'm more and more in the house, if we go out for a walk in the neighborhood or run out to visit friends we have to bundle up. it's ok, that kind of weather is late autumn and slowly i'm getting used to it. though thinking of my friend who is right now hiking in the mountains of south africa under the warm spring sun of the country in the southern hemisphere, makes me cringe a bit....
there is warm fresh bread on y counter in late afternoon, which helps to enjoy the cool day, and then there will be soup once more. yesterday was some kind of tomato - vegetable soup (re-purposed a small pan of hot tomato sauce, added some celery and potatoes). tonight i'm planning to make a batch of corn chowder, something the swiss don't know.
my family likes it and let's see what the other folks around our dinner table think of it.

on the fire place mantel is a new bunch of greenery, i love the red and white berries of those fall shrubbery in our garden. and have it in my house is perfect for the moment.

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Reginas Cottage said...

love the red and white deco on the mantel. your bread looks very good!
nice blog!
wish you a wonderful week,
blessings regina