October 16, 2012

vacationing in the valley of bergell, the second

the town of soglio was magically built high above the valley, of course we had to go and look at the picturesque old town. walking all the different allies and very narrow cobble stone paths through town was exciting. though the fun came after, we walked past a big heard of goats, wonderful and of course lots of "maeh" and "baeh" and laughter...

starting out at soglio was great, as it was easy to get the kids excited about walking a path leading slowly down to the river maira. there was a steep part, which we did enjoy too, it was an old stair, leading us downward in a sharp zigzag. passing by wonderful vista points.
enjoying as we go, going as the children lead...
that was the main thing on that one day easy hike. climbing in "boulder-forests" and damming rivers, there is nothing better to do and to watch and observe. of course there were many shared and hearty dinners around a big table. communing together with friends is such a blessing.

on most days last week we went hiking, and some trips brought us up to peaks and passes, others to a heard of young scottish highland cows...
the breathtaking view was the reward for a steep climb, just about 2/3rds up the mountain. starting out in vicosoprano climbing a total of 1400 meters to cross the pass da cam, enjoying a quick climb up the piz da cam. it got better and more beautiful as we slowly walked down the val maroz toward casaccia.
and one night we had to roast a big batch of local chestnuts. paired with a glass of wine and some slivers of parmesan this was the perfect appetizer, before we enjoyed a lovely cheese fondue.

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