October 3, 2012

stacking wood and more...

lots of hustle bustle fall activity going on around our house, we got the wood delivered by the near by farmer. this will be keeping us entertained in the living room. of course our fire place will be fired up a lot, i'm certain of this, as our family is what you would call something like "pyromaniacs". we all love to light a fire and kindle and watch and enjoy it with all its warmth and might.
and then were there lots of horse chestnuts all over in our garden, thea and naomi collected lots though they keep falling and it will not stop yet. not a clear project in mind, though naomi is thinking of drills and thread and wire and so on, i'm sure we will end up with lovely crafts.

i took the moments of wonderful sunshine sitting down and looking up, taking in the moment, keeping still and just wondering and loving the trees. the leafs and branches swaying in the wind and telling us that it's time to get ready for the colder weather. even the chicken started to eat more again, it seems like they are getting ready for a long winter too.

tomorrow more of the granny square sampler afghan....

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