October 15, 2012

vacationing in the valley of bergell, the first

together with friends we took an over 5h train ride to the wonderful valley of bergell. in the southeast of switzerland. a long ride on the RhB was the big excitement for the first day. all those turning tunnels and the landscape made up of lots of steep cliffs right next to the track, it was breath taking.


the first big hike was up to the pass da set (if some of you know german/italian/french here a historic introduction) a wonderful hike on a gorgeous day. starting out at casaccia gaining altitude while enjoying the val maroz up parts of it on the very historic roman road.

following the path a steep climb to motta da set, to pass da lunghin and taking a dip in lagh dal lunghin (on the panorama about 1/3rd into the photo from the left). wonderful views and an ice creme upon arrival in the town of maloja. after an other 20 minutes ride with the post car, down the valley everyone arrived happily at vicosoprano.

an other morning an other hike to do. the mornings were wonderful, with the sun beams streaming over the eastern tips of the valley. we had to get up in the mornings, just to enjoy this spectacular view.

of course some of us had to hike up to the hydro electric dam of albignia, there would have been a condola taking passengers up and down from pranzeira to albignia, though the folks of us who wanted to see the lake up there about 100 meters above the valley they would not have even been thinking of not hiking up and down. we missed the tuesday talk and showing of the dam, though i'm certain, we will catch up with it at some future tuesday, as this was not our last stay in vicosoprano.

the last photo again a work of joel's hi puzzled for the fun of it, until he had this panorama together. it's not just hiking and taking pictures, it's also the fun to puzzle which is his too.
thank you joel for carrying the camera and taking lots of pics. such a treat for me to use them in my little corner here.

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