July 24, 2013

ireland the 3rd

more ocean and of course a good swim for joel was to be enjoyed, i was knitting and loving the breeze from the sea. lot's of tide pools to be observed and barnacles to be looked at, sea weed and moss, washed out basins and o the beauty of the coast.

the lone priory of athassel, no one there  as it is inaccessible for the average tourist, though we crossed a knee deep river, climbed the bank and overcame all the brambles and nettles. not even the pasture with all it's grazing cows prevented us from a close look at the wonderful structures.

the  last stop on our vacation was to the rock of cashel. what an amazing place, high above the town, a cluster of buildings made of stone. many different years and architectural fashions, all through the years of 1101 until the 5th century.
it was a wonderful week of so much learning going on, what a rich country ireland is and there is so much of it still to see, right there out in the fields.
thank you my dear husband for taking me along to this adventure, a good time i had with you, my best friend.

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asavagday said...

Looks like braving the river, brambles and nettles paid off. Wonderful pics!