July 13, 2013

summer brake is here

with this summer brake has officially started for me. we went to naomi's exhibition of her class' paul klee interpretations. it was just wonderful to see how much her whole class was diving into the painters life. the kids did interpret the artists life conveying many facts and facets of his life and work. a wonderful evening, a big thank you to her teacher for three years mrs. e as well as to the whole class.

the guerillia knitting was a work of love by the whole school. all the kids, some parents and grandparents, teachers and friends were knitting this spring. what a big smile i get, seeing this tree in the middle of the school's recess area!

and now, there will be at least a one week miss. the kids head to different camps and joel and i visit ireland, just the two of us going away, the packing is almost done, the music will be joel's passion, i will pack some knitting needles and a few good books. and of course i'm certain to pack my rain jacket. we will be walking and hiking and hopefully finding some wonderful ruins and landscape to enjoy. i hope you too will be enjoying the summer with all it's beautiful moments and special attractions.

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