July 25, 2013

at the science center

we  went to the science center in our city, it has taken me a long time to be convinced that i should go... though the older kids were there at least on time, for amos it must have been already a few times, and still he was so super excited to go today. i did love the entrance, the big plaza and it's wonderful fountain, of course you can do things with the fountain. there are four different kinds of wheels and levers and stuff happens, it even excited me!

we started on the ground level, and then at some point the kids dragged me to the wooden machines! o yes those big marbel track, wooden pieces of art to pull and push and pedal and lift and what ever else we could figure out to do was fun, so much fun to watch as well as to do. i have not seen such an exciting area in any science center or place for children or adults to really work and listen and loved all of it. for me these machines made by pierre andrès alone, were worth the trip, and yes i would totally go again!

we went to the cafeteria to get lunch, a treat not often enjoyed by us. usually we would bring a picnic along...
so here you have it, the littlest enjoyed a big plate of french fries and a berliner, of course ketchup was a must too. though as you witness the meal is served on very nice china and real utensils, as well as a wonderful fair trade espresso for the mama to top it.

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